Friday, April 23, 2010

over excitedness????????

well i am writing here after a very long time as i was feeling short of topics but my today's topic is also very stupid and illogical.............cant help it!
well i am very fond of watching tv and particularly reality shows but never developed any emotions towards it
but today watching DID finale n waiting for results for 4 hrs i found dat i am actually praying for one of the contestant to win. (although i never care to vote due to high charges)
n when she finally win i dont know but a sudden excitement caught me and i felt overjoyed and brilliant unnecessarily!
although the winner has no connection with me and is not giving me anything in return but i genuinely felt for her n i am unable to understand my feelings
may b i am simply overreacting or creating a hype but atleast it gave me inspiration to write after such a long time

1 comment:

  1. Even i felt the same when Abhijeet Sawant won the first season of indian idol... i think we indians hv the tendency to get emotionally attached to the contestants of such reality shows where we see "mango" ppl chasing their dreams n then making them come true...