Friday, April 30, 2010 they might call it??

well 1 thing i realized today;
it does not hurts when u fail;
but it hurts when your friend succeeds
well the events of today made me feel so low that it took around 1 hour of depressing sad music and lots of bakwaas tv to bring me back to my normal senses
although i didnt have much hopes but still the announcement of results made me f eel terrible and broken.
sorry but couldnot help my feelings??
even this is not a thing to be disclosed on fb as it may be taken in a wrong sense by many( although it is wrong)

well the above incident surely adds one more feather in my already over critical and depressing personality and one thing is for sure that i cannot share happiness with others leave alone the sorrows!!
i am actually obssessed with myself and could not find away to help me out of this negative vibes.may my life is destined to be survive and conquer these negative traits and infact i have become so habitual to them that i cannot even imagine my life in a positive manner


  1. i think its very humanly to feel low when ur friend succeeds n u fail(remember 3 idiots dialogue???)...its not at all negative on ur part to feel like that...but what's wrong is that u start behaving as if ur friend was responsible for ur failure...

  2. well indirectly u can actually say " my friend is responsible for my failure"

  3. What you felt was an immediate outcome of how you react to situations, so that is absolutely natural of you. But, what is important is whether it was envy or, think over it...