Friday, September 17, 2010

today was the the last day of the second last midsems of my engineering and contrary to the popular belief i am not at all happy. I am rather dissatisfied considering the fact that the beginning of Monday will start a new phase of placements procedure where there will b a usual rush of companies showing no interest of recruiting me!!
this week was so relaxed n calm where my only motive was to study but now back to serious stuff n securing future. i hv infact started realizing that how lucky i have been till now where there were no responsibilities on me and my only goal was to study
life will take a total u turn once i step out of the clg and face the real working culture
i hv realised tht these times r killing me and there r 2 alternatives for remedy:
either i step back in time and relive the face where i had to attend classes n pass examinations(in clg) or i get an opportunity to celebrate my lkast year in clg with a bang by getting placed soon...........