Friday, March 19, 2010

mega protest

Thanks to all the lazy, selfish and careless dceiites that the mega protest of Friday at cp actually turned out as a flop show. People were busy relaxing themselves at home or enjoying ipl but found it unworthy to attend the protest even though it was hugely publicised and was alleged to be the last one.
People did not have the time to come out for it but were eager to know its outcome so they can have an idea whether they have to appear in mid sems from 29!!!!!!
shit man this is the limit.......
i really want to give kudos to all the 4 years who are actually leading us and are the sole carriers of the protest bcoz simply others dont give a damn about it but are concerned only with the results of it
lets wait and watch out for the ultimate battle.........


  1. somehow i feel that this has been written keeping me in mind as well...:(

  2. This is not for anyone particular but in general
    please dont take it seriously