Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The male protagonist in 2 states(spicy story of Indian marriages) says
"i cant be friend with girls"

Well long ago i would have surely disagreed with krish but the changing times have shown me that krish is absolutely right.
Even i cant be just friends with the girls because something else develops in a relationship over the times and the probability of occurrence of "something else" increases specially when you are single(ready to mingle) and you are being associated with that "special friend" from a long time.
I am not sure whether that "something" has developed in my most precious friendship or this is just an impasse.
but all my friends(obviously girls) plz either dont let me remain single or dont be associated with me for a long time as "HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF"


  1. its not for radhika
    its for someone else

  2. i think i know ye kiske liye hai...;)

  3. I don't know....please enlighten me

  4. ask mohit...he'll himself enlighten u...;)

  5. radhika some part of it may refer to u also
    be careful.....

  6. Arrey kaam ki baat batao...kaun hai ye?